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Wow...have I been gone?

I don't even know anymore.

*goes off to cry somewhere*



1. You must post these rules.
2. You must answer all the following questions.
3. No complaining.
4. Have fun with it!
5. Extra questions are permitted, but the minimum is ten.
15. Did you redo your green hair?
16. Not yet, but I will soon!
17. Define soon?
18. I'm hoping for sometime this weekend or maybe today, but I make no guarantees.
19. Did you do it yet?
20. Ugh. No. -_-
21. That's fine. Are you still planning to?
22. YES.
23. *pokes you* I'm wondering if you'll explode if I ask again. *poke*
24.Deja Vu video
25. *waits for it*......Nope. No explotions.
26. So, did you redo your green hair than?
27. Gonna have to wait for that, I got's some stuffs goin on and I want to get my hair cut again before I do.
28. Visualize an emote deflating until nearly flat. That's me.
29. Why?

~My Questions~

1. Will you forget to let me know if you actually do look into any of my suggestions?
    Lets hope not!

What kind of gift would you give to a blind person?
    I actually work with a blind person! And I would give her something that smells really nice. Or her favorite candy, maybe some new clothes, she really likes cloths. There would be a lot I would give her if I could!

3. Do you ever feel trapped to the computer sometimes? Like there are certain things you have to do?
    There's nothing that I feel I really 'have to do'. I just do things, because I want to.

4. What made you think of the song rude? Are you gonna run away with someone?
    Lol, not at all! Someone was just playing it and I thought I would ask you.

5. Have you not been on dA recently?
    Yeah, sorry about that. I had to go to a wedding then a trip for work for a few days, my computer trashed out on me, but Dad got me a new one for an early Christmas gift. It's a touch screen so I kinda had to take some time to get used to it. And I've been working a lot more than usual. That should change soon-ish I hope!

6. I love Pokémon! Do you?
    Honestly, if you asked me to name them all I think I'd only get about 4.

7. How many questions do you think we've duplicated?
    Not sure, really. Probably a few.

8. What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?
    I'm not really sure. I do like to add sunflower seeds or green olives to almost anything!

9. What's something you loathe about the way you were brought up? 
    I think I was alone too much, and that really kind of bothers me.

10. If I gave you my Lumosity Username and Password, would you try it?
    I don't know what that is.

~My questions to you~
1. How have you been?
2. I don't get it what does it mean? 
3. Have you ever watched the anime, 'Reborn!'
4. Why the Marines?
5. Did you see the picture of my cat that I posted?! (it's okay if you didn't, I plan on posting more)
6. What Pokémon do you like?
7. What's better, Neopets or Pokémon?
8. What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?
9. What's something you loathe about the way you were brought up?
10. Is Lumosity like an online game or something?

  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Reborn!-Dive to World
  • Reading: Heart-Shaped Box
  • Watching: Reborn!
  • Drinking: Mellow Yellow


United States

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